To AFM Probe Partners & Customers

Following the announcement of the production end by Olympus dated on September 30th, 2022 ( Olympus Corp. has decided to discontinue their well-known Olympus Micro Cantilevers (OMCL-ACxxx-xx series). But we are preparing to the enough stock to fit the request from you following your order records to the end of April, 30, 2023.

As received more and more inquiries from customers for their AFM probe needs in Olympus Micro Cantilevers (OMCL-ACxxx-xx series), we are glad to inform all of you that there will be the availability of the same probes, but under the different name, starting soon in 2023. Hence, there will no anxiety and needs for the current customers eager to looking for the alternative AFM probes to continue their analysis work.

Knowing you may currently looking for Olympus Micro Cantilevers (OMCL-ACxxx-xx series) in the market, we are happy to share with you and hope to have the opportunity to discuss with you about this coming AFM probe offering. If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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